HCR Champions Cup
The HCR Champions Cup for the highest place rider in an event


The HCR Champions Cup was introduced in 2012.  The cup is awarded to the highest placed rider of any race/event where two or more HCR riders have competed/completed. 

Current Champion 

Mike Gray - Gravel and Tar

23 January 2021 Verified by the Judge 

Rules of the HCR Cup

The cup is awarded to the rider of any race/event where the following criteria has been met:
The rider is the highest place HCR rider in the event.
The rider was wearing the HCR jersey and it was visible throughout the event.
At least 2 HCR riders participated in the event.
The event was an officially timed event using timing tags, with results that have been published in a public forum.
The awarding of the cup has been authorised by Chris Meyer and Geoff Wong or their nominees.

Previous Winners

23/01/21 Mike Gray Gravel and Tar
Tbc Leroy Moriceau tbc
21/01/18 Doug Keal WMCC Two Day Tour
25/11/17 Rob Paulin Taupo Challenge
28/10/17 Adam Young K2
26/11/16 Rob Paulin Taupo Challenge
31/10/15 Steve Johnson K2
3/10/15 Vincent Fry Wairarapa Cycle Challenge
29/11/14 Justin Chau Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge
20/11/14 Chris Meyer Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge
24/11/12 Richard Hoskin Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge
7/10/12 Ben Christian Wairarapa Cycle Challenge
21/7/12 Justin Chau Kapiti Winter Series #4
29/6/12 Kolin Foo Kapiti Winter Series #1
18/3/12 Paul Behrens Kapiti Challenge

HCR Challenge Series 

During the year HCR has a series of fun morning riding events where people earn points where they place on the ride. Points are also offered for those who attend the the debrief session in the pub later that day.  The  current winner of this series is Geoff Wong


1.  Does the holder of the cup have to race in the next event.  
Answer: No its any two riders who race and meet the criteria  listed above. The cup holder can of course choose to defend his title.
2.   Why is the cup so small?
Answer: The cup has be specially selected so it is suitable to be carried in a back pocket of a riders jersey, this makes handover and passing over of the cup much more easy.
Editors Note: Actually the cup is this big as this, because after a HCR ride one day Geoff and Chris decided to buy the cup, they only had a fixed amount of money in their back pocket of their cycle jerseys!
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