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No training program is complete without hill repeats, and Mt Victoria provides the perfect venue to putting in the hard yakka.  HCR finish their weekly rides on the top of Mt Vic due to the spectacular views of the city, something that you will be missing with the salty sweat stinging your eyes when doing hill repeats.  The distance of the climb is about 3km, it is a starva segment, and there are records to be taken, broken.   

Be careful on the descent, you are here to wind up the big gear, or spinning intervals, not be a heroic descender.  No one wins races descending, they just loose them. 

Course Description

Distance 7km

Elevation Gain 350m

Start Location

Herd Street


7.1 km, n/a


Want to start cycling with a friendly group of enthusiasts? Come along for a ride and see if you like it.